How to Pack Your Cadillac in Santa Fe, NM
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How to Pack Your Cadillac for a Road Trip

With luxuriously comfortable seating, lots of cargo space and impressive capability, your Cadillac is perfect for a road trip. But, even with the best vehicle for the job, packing for a road trip can be stressful if you’re not sure where to start. Here are some tips to help you pack your Cadillac for your next road trip.

Remember the essentials.

No matter where you’re road tripping or for how long, there are some items you should always bring along. Of course, you should always have your ID, registration and insurance information, extra keys and a spare tire. You should also consider packing an extra quart of oil and wiper fluid just in case these need to be replenished on the road.

Get comfortable.

Even for short trips, comfort is essential, so don’t forget to pack accordingly. Pack an extra layer of warm clothing, a pillow, and a blanket to stay cozy. Also, bring items, like tissues and hand sanitizer, especially during flu season.

Prepare entertainment.

While the open road can be beautiful, chances are you’ll hit some boring spots along the way. Download an audiobook or podcast for something to listen to, even if you lose reception, and consider packing a tablet, camera, and travel games to keep yourself and everyone on board entertained.

We at Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Fe wish you and your loved ones a safe and exciting road trip. Before heading out, stop by our service department to make your Cadillac is road-trip ready.

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