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How to Service Your Car for Summer

The official first day of summer is right around the corner, and if you haven’t yet prepared your vehicle for the hot summer months, now is the time to do so. High temperatures and summer weather put particular stresses on your vehicle, so you should properly prepare. Here a few tips on how to service your car for summer.

  • Maintain proper coolant level: When it’s hot out, it’s very important to keep your engine cool. To help prevent your engine from overheating, you should check to make sure you have the proper amount of coolant and fill up if needed.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure: If your tires aren’t inflated appropriately, they’re more likely to overheat, which leads to a blowout. You should check your tires’ pressure monthly and fill them up as necessary. As a helpful tip, it’s best to check tire pressure when your tires are cool.
  • Maintain proper fluid levels: Vehicle fluids help vehicle parts function smoothly and efficiently, reducing friction — which creates heat — between parts. Therefore, maintain the proper levels of motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid throughout the summer months.
  • Check your air conditioning system: A properly functioning air conditioning system supports driver comfort and alertness, so you should check your vehicle’s air conditioning before it gets terribly hot out. If it’s functioning less effectively than it once did, you can check both the refrigerant and cabin filter.

For more tips on maintaining your vehicle this summer in New Mexico, contact us at Chevrolet of Santa Fe. Or schedule a service appointment for your Chevy to ensure that your adventures are as safe as they are fun this season. 

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