2021 Cadillac Escalade in Santa Fe, NM

Luxuries on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade in Santa Fe

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has a new trim level structure — check out our guide below to ensure you’re getting the features you want.

Luxury: A new standard of Escalade.

The 2021 Escalade’s base trim level provides a standard safety suite, a 19-speaker sound system from AKG and a 38-inch OLED instrument cluster and infotainment screen. A 6.2-liter V8 engine with dynamic fuel management gives you 420 horsepower, while an optional Duramax 3.0-liter diesel engine provides a blend of efficiency and strength.

Premium Luxury: More sun, more safety, more Cadillac.

The Premium Luxury trim level adds a panoramic sunroof, enhanced Driver Awareness Plus safety features and a rear camera mirror with remote wash. A full-color head-up display projects vital information to your windshield, and an optional Super Cruise system eases driving on compatible highways.

Sport: Slick and stylish

The Sport wraps the Premium Luxury’s features in a unique body with a gloss-black grille, accents and body molding. A performance package improves your control on slick, uneven roads.

Premium Luxury Platinum: Polished to perfection.

The Premium Luxury Platinum Escalade upgrades the Premium Luxury with a platinum Galvano grille, leather-wrapped interior trim, enhanced 36-speaker AKG sound system and more. The 18-way front seats include massage functions, and the rear seats include dual 12.6-inch infotainment displays. This trim level includes advanced adaptive cruise control and Cadillac’s proprietary Air Ride Adaptive Suspension with drive modes.

Sport Platinum: The best of everything.

The Sport Platinum combines the Sport’s unique build with the interior enhancements of the Premium Luxury Platinum to make the most comprehensive 2021 Escalade.

Want to experience the Escalade firsthand? When it arrives in dealerships, you can take it for a test drive at Cadillac of Santa Fe.

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